In The Covenant Baptism of Infants we discuss what a covenant actually is. We consider such things as covenant continuity and children under covenant law. We also consider several arguments for infant baptism.

Thoughts From The Readers...

“This book is long overdue. Presbyterian and Reformed people everywhere will welcome it. And, I hope, many Baptists and others who refuse their children membership among Christ's Covenant people will see the light. Buy it, pursue it and believe it!”  Dr. Jay Adams

“I read Pastor Jim West's The Covenant Baptism of Infants with delight and a sense of exaltation. The doctrine of baptism is here firmly centered on the Lord's covenant with His people. No attempt to understand or to explain baptism apart from the fact of the covenant is tenable.”

“Much of the modern church's problems stem, as West rightly points out, from its substitution of a modernistic individualism for covenantalism. Covenantalism gives not only an intensely personal but a cosmic aspect to our faith, whereas individualism reduces the Lord to a purely individualistic and severely limited faith. This study should be given by churches to all young parents.”  R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Foundation


Who is to be baptized? The answer is that the people of God are to be baptized. But who are the people of God? To understand this, we must understand that the people of God are defined in the Bible as the covenant people. We must understand the covenant if we are going to identify God's chosen people.

Next to the doctrine of the Trinity, the covenant is the most basic teaching of the Bible. The Old and the New Testaments of which we so often speak, are really the Old and the New Covenants (Jer. 31:31 ff). The covenant is so important that we cannot even be Christians unless we believe in it. It is the blood of the covenant that saves us from sin (Heb. 13:20)!

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