It zeroes in upon the father's responsibility in the courtship process. Also covered are both theology and biology, as there is a great deal of ignorance about the way that God has made us.

This booklet is also about virginity. Virginity is both outward and inward (Proverbs 6:25).  Virginity is not simply physical. Virginity is purity of the heart. Nor is virginity merely denying yourself what you really would like to do outside of marriage; virginity is an inheritance that is brought into a marriage. In this sense, marriage is like a man and a woman exchanging lavish gifts— their bodies (I Corinthians 7:4). When the father gives away the bride, he gives an inheritance. This book is devoted to the preservation of that inheritance.

Thoughts from the readers . . .

“This is a simply written and telling work. It is not only useful for parents and their youth but for churches as well. West is not only concerned with parental responsibilities, but also with the church's obligation... Churches need to see this book not only as a handbook for parents but as a basis for the church to reconsider its ministry.” R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Foundation

“I have just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game. I am so thankful God put this into our hands while our children (girls) are both still young though approaching dating age. We have often talked of courtship instead of dating, knowing it was the godly principle. Thank you for outlining for us exactly how to go about it.”

“We just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game. What a blessing! We have raised our two children by these principles (our 20-year old daughter was married last July). Neither she or our 18 year old son have ever dated and reading your book just reinforced everything we have believed and practiced for years.”

“On a more serious note, Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game was an excellent book that every single believer should read. I have never read anything this good! I am a 37-year old single who has never married and keep waiting for the right girl. Your book gives excellent advice, and I appreciate you sharing what you have learned from your experiences.”

“I just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game by Pastor Jim West. Our family wholeheartedly embraces the principles this book so clearly explains. We have been looking for a publication that would explain this vital message in a positive, easily readable format that we could share with family and friends. Please convey our deepest gratitude to Pastor West for his book. This is indeed a much needed message for this society"


How should Christian parents best prepare their children for marriage? Is dating the only way? What should they tell them about the American institution of dating?

At issue is the question of warrant. Is the dating institution morally neutral — an innocent cultural expression? Or is it a product of a pagan culture and thus Scripturally unjustifiable?

This booklet is particularly suited for older children still living at home. Its purpose is to guide both fathers and mothers as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and  provide them with an alternative that is more in sync with the letter and spirit of the Bible.

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