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Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game

“This is a simply written and telling work. It is not only useful for parents and their youth but for churches as well. West is not only concerned with parental responsibilities, but also with the church's obligation... Churches need to see this book not only as a handbook for parents but as a basis for the church to reconsider its ministry.” R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Foundation

“I have just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game. I am so thankful God put this into our hands while our children (girls) are both still young though approaching dating age. We have often talked of courtship instead of dating, knowing it was the godly principle. Thank you for outlining for us exactly how to go about it.”

“We just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game. What a blessing! We have raised our two children by these principles (our 20-year old daughter was married last July). Neither she or our 18 year old son have ever dated and reading your book just reinforced everything we have believed and practiced for years.”

“On a more serious note, Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game was an excellent book that every single believer should read. I have never read anything this good! I am a 37-year old single who has never married and keep waiting for the right girl. Your book gives excellent advice, and I appreciate you sharing what you have learned from your experiences.”

“I just finished reading Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game by Pastor Jim West. Our family wholeheartedly embraces the principles this book so clearly explains. We have been looking for a publication that would explain this vital message in a positive, easily readable format that we could share with family and friends. Please convey our deepest gratitude to Pastor West for his book. This is indeed a much needed message for this society"

The Art of Choosing Your Love

“My husband and I are home-school parents of two wonderful teens and youth pastors of 100 great junior and senior high school students. We purchased The Art of Choosing Your Love which we have read aloud to each other each evening. The godly wisdom and treatment of relationships helped us to seek forgiveness from each other and the Lord and to gain purpose for ourselves, our children, and our youth group."

“Thank you for your new book The Art of Choosing Your Love. It's even better than your previous book on courtship, and it meets a serious need within the church. I plan on assigning it to all my future students, and I've already given away three copies."

“My father gave me a copy of your study, The Art of Choosing Your Love, for Christmas and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read your previous study, Christian Courtship vs. The Dating Game, while taking some courses at Westminster Seminary (Escondido, California) and found it pleasantly radical."

“As a single man in a world where divorce is the norm, I find myself bouncing between being hyper-critical (and therefore hardly attempting to meet Christian women at all) and actively pursuing any breathing woman that professes to be a Christian. The Art of Choosing Your Love has given me a more balanced look at the necessary criteria for choosing a godly and virtuous woman to be my wife. And, I might add, it has enabled me to focus on a few aspects of my life that need shaping up."

The Covenant Baptism of Infants

“This book is long overdue. Presbyterian and Reformed people everywhere will welcome it. And, I hope, many Baptists and others who refuse their children membership among Christ's Covenant people will see the light. Buy it, pursue it and believe it!” Dr. Jay Adams

“I read Pastor Jim West's The Covenant Baptism of Infants with delight and a sense of exaltation. The doctrine of baptism is here firmly centered on the Lord's covenant with His people. No attempt to understand or to explain baptism apart from the fact of the covenant is tenable.”

“Much of the modern church's problems stem, as West rightly points out, from its substitution of a modernistic individualism for covenantalism. Covenantalism gives not only an intensely personal but a cosmic aspect to our faith, whereas individualism reduces the Lord to a purely individualistic and severely limited faith. This study should be given by churches to all young parents.” R.J. Rushdoony, Chalcedon Foundation

Thinking Straight in a Crooked World

Gary DeMar shows the power of biblical thinking and the lack thereof among today's Christians. God has supplied the corrective lenses that we need to see the world as He does. Gary DeMar defines what a biblical worldview is and then demonstrates how to acquire it and practice it. This is an indespensable text for college-bound students as well as any one of any age who is engaged in educational pursuits. It is also a wonderful biblical worldview primer.  

God’s Plan For Victory

Eschatology, the doctrine of last things, is also the doctrine of first things because it is concerned with the goal of history. Of necessity, goals determine present-day action. We are not motivated to action unless we know the purpose for our action. Specific goals motivate us. If we believe that the main and final goal of the Christian life is heaven, or the salvation of our souls, we will be indifferent to history and the world around us. But, if in terms of Matthew 6:33, we believe the Kingdom of God and his righteousness or justice must have priority in our lives, then we will not have a self-centered view of salvation.

Our personal salvation is not the focus and goal of the Gospel but simply the starting point. The goal is God's Kingdom, His purpose for humanity and the world. The essence of man's fall is his will to be his own god, his own source of law and morality (Gen. 3:5). All too often men retain aspects of this original sin in insisting that their salvation is the center of God's plan. God seeks His own glory and purpose, our place in His plan is not at the center.

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