Christian Worldview Ministries

 Romans 12:1-2                               2 Cor. 10:15

Who Are We? Christian Worldview Ministries is a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational foundation dedicated to research and publishing in the area of Biblical worldview. We are a support ministry for local churches by building up and encouraging Christians through God's inerrant Word. Christian Worldview Ministries exists to serve other Christians who have been encouraged by God to see the comprehensive implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the rebuilding of their own lives (Mat. 7:3-5) and our society (Col. 1:13-22). We publish and re-sell booklets on various contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective to help Christian families develop and live according to a true biblical worldview.

What Is A Worldview? A worldview could be considered a "grid" through which every person looks at the world around them. Each individual, whether a Christian or not, begins with certain assumptions about the nature of reality. These are called presuppositions. A Christian views the world through a "grid" derived from the Word of God (Psa. 119:128). A non-Christian views the world through a "grid" derived from man's word. A worldview governs every dimension of life. It affects how we think about and relate to our family, how we look at other people, how we handle money, how we vote, and so on. There is no area of life that is exempt from our basic assumptions about how the world works; our worldview. Our worldview ought to establish our priorities in life. In short, our worldview determines how we think in every area of life. And how we think in principle determines how we act in the practical.